Dr. Sui Tung (Jay)
Field Geophysicist and Geomechanical/Geofluid Modeler
Energy systems, Crustal Processes, and Geohazards

Peer-reviewed Publications
1.    Tung, S.*, G. Zhai, M. Shirzaei, Potential link between 2020 Mentone, West Texas M5 earthquake and nearby wastewater injection: implications for aquifer mechanical properties (2020), Geophysical Research Letter https://doi.org/10.1029/2020GL090551
2.    Tung, S.*, M. Shirzaei, C. Ojha, A. Pepe, Z. Liu, Structural controls over the rupture and aftershocks of the 2019 Ridgecrest earthquake sequence investigated by high-fidelity elastic models of velocity structures, Journal of Geophysical Research
3.    Tung, S.*, E. Fielding, D. Bekaert and T. Masterlark (2019b), Rapid geodetic analysis of subduction zone earthquakes leveraging 3D elastic Green's function library, Geophysical Research Letters 
4.    Tung, S.*, K. Katzenstein, T. Masterlark, J. Lei, C. Wauthier and D. Petley (2019a), Sensitivities of geodetic source analysis to elastic crust heterogeneity constrained by seismic tomography for the 2017 Mw 6.5 Jiuzhaigou, China, earthquake, Seismological Research Letters
5.    Tung, S.*, and T. Masterlark (2018d), Delayed poroelastic triggering of the 2016 October Visso earthquake by the August Amatrice earthquake, Italy, Geophysical Research Letters
6.    Tung, S.*, and T. Masterlark (2018c), Sensitivities of near‐field tsunami forecasts to megathrust deformation predictions, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth
7.    Tung, S.*, and T. Masterlark (2018b), Resolving source geometry of the August 24 2016 Amatrice, Central Italy earthquake from InSAR data and 3D finite element modeling, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America
9.    Tung, S.*, and T. Masterlark (2018a), Transient poroelastic stress coupling between the 2015 M7.8 Gorkha, Nepal earthquake and its M7.3 aftershock, Tectonophysics
10.    Tung, S.*, and T. Masterlark (2016), May 2016 Cover Feature of Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth
11.    Tung, S.*, and T. Masterlark (2016), Coseismic slip distribution of the 2015 Mw7.8 Gorkha Earthquake from joint inversion of GPS and InSAR data for slip within a 3D heterogeneous domain, Journal of Geophysical Research
12.    Tung, S.*, Leung, J. K. C., Jiao, J., Wiegand, J., and Wartenberg, W.  (2013), Assessment of soil radon potential in Hong Kong, China, using a 10-point evaluation system, Environmental Earth Sciences, p. 1-11
13.    Masterlark, T.*, T. Donovan, K.L. Feigl, M. Haney, C. Thurber, and S. Tung (2016), Volcano deformation source parameters estimated from InSAR: Sensitivities to uncertainties in seismic tomography, Journal of Geophysical Research
14.    Cheung, Y. T. D. *, M. J. Spittal, M. K. Williamson, S. Tung and Pirkis, J., (2014), Predictors of suicides occurring within suicide clusters in Australia, 2004–2008, Social Science & Medicine, 118, 135-14
15.    Cheung, Y. T. D.*, M. J. Spittal, M. K. Williamson, S. Tung and Pirkis, J., (2013), Application of scan statistics to detect suicide clusters in Australia, PloS one, v. 8, no. 1, p. e54168.
*corresponding author

Book Chapters 
1.       Tung, S., T. Masterlark, and D. S. H. Lo (2018). Finite element models of elastic earthquake deformation, in Earthquakes-Forecast, Prognosis and Earthquake Resistant Construction, IntechOpen. (Invited)
 2.       Masterlark, T., and S. Tung (2018), Finite element models of elastic volcano deformation, in Volcanoes, InTechOpen (Invited)

Thesis and dissertation
1.       Tung, S. (2013), Co-seismic and post-seismic gravity variation associated with the 2008 M8 Wenchuan earthquake, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Hong Kong
2.       Tung, S. (2009), Radon potential mapping in Hong Kong, MPhil Thesis, University of Hong Kong

Recent Conference Papers and Abstracts 
1.       *Tung, S., M. Shirazei, T. Masterlark (2020), Integrated fault mesh of Southern California in finite element models of structural geometric complexities, crustal heterogeneity, and topography, SCEC annual meeting
2.       *Tung, S., G. Zhai and M. Shirazei (2020), 2020 M5 Mentone earthquake potentially induced by deep wastewater injection: implications for reservoir mechanical property and individual well impacts, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, California
3.       *Tung, S., G. Zhai and M. Shirazei (2019), Investigating Impact of Local Hydrogeology and Tectonics on Physics-based Induced Earthquake Forecast Models, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, California
4.       *Masterlark, T., J. Long-Fox and S. Tung (2019), Enhancing Inverse Analyses of Volcano Deformation Data with Multidisciplinary Information using Finite Element Models, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, California
5.       *Long-Fox, J., T. Masterlark, J. and S. Tung (2019), Investigating Transient Deformation of Okmok Volcano, Alaska, using FEMs, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, California
6.       Tung, S., G. Ustunisik and *R. L. Nielse (2018), Potential Consequences of the Compositional Distribution of Trace Element Partitioning Experiments, Abstract #382100, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Washingto
7.       *Masterlark, T., S. Tung, G. Ustunisik and M. Baranowsk(2018), Impulse-Response Experiments for Integrating Space-borne, Field, and Laboratory Measurements of Magmatic Systems, American Geophysical Union Chapman Meeting, Quinamavida, Maule Region, Chile
8.       *Tung, S., and T. Masterlark (2016), Rapid inversion of earthquake sources by geodesy- based seismic deformation within complex crustal heterogeneity,  American Geophysical        Union Fall Meeting, San Francisc
9.       *Tung, S., and T. Masterlark (2016), Coseismic slip distribution along a curved rupture embedded in the 3D heterogeneous crust: Joint inversion of InSAR and GPS data for the 2016 Central Italy earthquake, American Geophysical UnionFall Meeting, San Francisco, USA
10.    *Tung, S., T. Masterlark and T. Donovan (2015), Inverting for earthquake kinematic source parameters with GPS and InSAR: Stepwise nonlinear and linear FEM-based inverse analyses, International Associationfor Mathematical Geosciences Conference, Germany