Dr. Sui Tung (Jay)
Field Geophysicist and Geomechanical/Geofluid Modeler
Energy systems, Crustal Processes, and Geohazards

I am currently an associate scientist at the Department of Geoscience, University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I use geodetic data and numerical models to investigate both the natural and artificial sources of earth's surface deformation, including earthquakes, volcanic eruption, oil/gas wastewater injection, geothermal energy production, etc. 

These investigations help us to better understand the underlying geomechnical and hydrogeological processes within the shallow crust, and allow us to provide key information about human-induced and natural hazards to communities at risk. My advisor is Kurt Feigl.

Recent highlights

December 2020

Induced seismicity, oil/gas wastewater injection and poroelastic response simulation

Our work on a M5 earthquake event in west Texas and its relation with the 
poroelastic response caused by the nearby deep injection wells has been published in Geophysical Research Letter. We show that the 2020 Mentone, West Texas M5 earthquake likely triggered by deep brine disposal.

Tung, S.*, G. Zhai, M. Shirzaei, Potential link between 2020 Mentone, West Texas M5 earthquake and nearby wastewater injection: implications for aquifer mechanical properties (2020), Geophysical Research Letter

Realistic Finite Element Modeling of Shallow Crust

Energy Systems, Human-induced and Natural earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Tsunami Genesis

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